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Dispelling Common Home Staging Myths

Home staging is catching up as a necessary process before your home is put up for sale in the real estate market. It involves setting up your home so as to appeal to your buyers and aids you in the sale of your home. A quick sale at the price that you decide is obviously beneficial to you as it is like a return on your investment.

However, most people have a wrong notion about home staging. They are either misinformed or uninformed about the whole process of staging your home.

This article aims to debunk some of the common myths that revolve around home staging.

Myth 1: Home staging can cost you a lot You cannot use a generic term like ‘a lot’ when it comes to home staging. Home staging costs differ from home to home based on the size of your property and the way you want it to be staged. Also, professional services are available to suit all kind of budgets. Professional home stagers offer you consultation and then provide you with a DIY list or get their team to stage your home depending on your budget.

Myth 2: Every room should be painted white or beige It is not necessary that every room should be painted white or beige. Only the main living room and the entrance should be painted in a neutral color. However, neutral doesn’t mean white or beige; there are other neutral colors that can be used that do not make your home walls look drab and dull. Besides, you can make up for the neutral walls by adding colorful rugs, cushions, wall art and accessories.

Myth 3: Home staging is not necessary if your home is well designed and decorated You may have used the best designer to conceptualize and design your home but when you put it up for sale on the market, you still need to stage it. The need to stage your home is not a criticism of your taste; your home needs to be staged because it has to have a wider appeal and should be able to attract a larger set of people so as to ensure that it sells quickly.

Myth 4: It is better to leave a house on sale vacant as it makes the space look larger This is a completely wrong notion. Usually, empty spaces look smaller and you do not understand the potential that a room holds when it comes to furnishing. Also, some rooms tend to have an odd layout and such spaces become questionable unless you can actually see how that space can be used up. Also, furnishing a room allows you to compartmentalize it thereby making it look larger than it is.

Basically, you need to remember that it is essential that you make a good first impression if you want the house to be sold quickly. A person needs to be captivated by your house and should instantly feel at home there. Home staging will enable you to do this and will ensure that your house is sold as quickly as possible.

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Tips to Staging Your Home, Home Staging Tips, Home Staging Ideas

Often times there are a few spaces in a home that confuse a buyer, especially if the home is empty. Another proven way to sell your home faster, is to utilize each space.

An empty wall or small corners are areas that most people wonder how to use. Sometimes, there is a wall of nothingness that seems like it could be utilized. Other times, its a small nook that is underused.

Only about 10% of the population can picture how to utilize the space in a home, especially when its empty. But People love a good idea when they see one, especially buyers. By doing this effectively, you are helping them understand the lifestyle they will have in your home.

Its important to use each space otherwise it becomes an eye sore, and maximizes the homes flaws instead of minimizing them.

Your goal here is to show your homes potential in every area, whether you are selling it on your own or with an agent, so that you can increase your profits.

I staged a home recently that had a space off the kitchen that people really didnt know what to do with.

I created a peaceful reading nook with a couple arm chairs and bookshelves and it worked very nicely.

The buyers loved it and bought the place within 10 days of my staging it had sat on the market for weeks before that (during the hotter time of the market)!

Enhancing your odd spaces is another proven best way to sell your home for top dollar in a buyers market.

Here are 4 easy ideas to enhance your odd spaces:

1. Create a Coffee/Tea Area

With smaller spaces off of the kitchen, you can create a coffee area with a small bistro table and chairs and some “coffee” art/dcor.

You can even do this idea in a home or condo that has little or no dining area to make it seem that the space was designed for food and entertainment.

I did this with a condo that had no dining area and it made it seem as if that area was designated for the bistro set right off the kitchen. It was cozy and warm, and perfect for the demographic of people buying in that neighborhood.

2. Create a game area.

In another home I staged, there was a large room that needed some special attention due to its generous size.

Besides staging the main area with couches, I placed a small table and chairs in the corner. I also placed a crystal chess set on the table. This made the space very attractive and fun and got rave reviews!

3. Conversation area people love small cozy spaces to sit and chat on a more intimate level.

You can create a conversation area by using two smaller arm chairs, a small end table, and presto – you have a conversation area. Put the chairs a little closer together so the feeling is more intimate.

You can also define the space with an area rug, as long as its NOT used to cover a flaw.

Add some flowers or a nice centerpiece on the table and you have a nicely decorated area that invites people in to have a more meaningful conversation.

4. Create a Reading Area

Its important for you to know how you want each room to “feel” when you are defining the underutilized space, or any space for that matter.

I have a space in my home where I wanted people to feel they could cozy up with a good book. In that room, I placed a smaller bookshelf and a cozy sitting chair and small end table. Then, I added a warm throw blanket on the chair.

Inevitably, my niece and other relatives always use that space to read when they come to my house. It happens exactly as I pictured it and I know they feel welcomed into the space just as I planned it!

Now that you have some trusted home staging tips, take a look at your current setup and see where you can use the ideas.

Using these ideas for those “odd” spaces, can really maximize each space in your home and show them off to the buyers!

Buyers will love that each part of the home is maximized (yet uncluttered!) when you do it right.

Virtual Home Staging

An empty house on the real estate market is a difficult property to sell. Empty rooms and lifeless houses put off buyers. Nothing says less about a potential house than a place so empty your footsteps echo throughout. Virtually Stage Listings is a way of presenting vacant spaces with furnishings and objects of every day life and inspiring viewer imaginations. If a property captures someone’s imagination, they will see the potential of a property and take it seriously. Virtually Stage Listings recreate vacant properties that are hard to move and renders them warm and friendly, increasing their saleability.

You could fill a property with heavy furnishings and accessories and make an empty property looked lived in, but it would be cost-prohibitive. You could reduce the price of the property and lose out on potential profits. Or you could consider Virtual Stage Listings — a computer re-creation of interior spaces. In virtual staging, photos of a property are filled with furnishings, wall hangings, artwork, curtains and linen. The process is a perfect fit for today’s market because real estate, like a lot of shopping, is done online. Realtors offer on-line tours of properties for sale, and it is a natural step to enhance the on-line shopping experience. Prospective buyers can see the potential of a space that they may have struggled with before staging brought it to life.

Virtual staging takes photos of the actual spaces of a property for sale and gracefully adds furnishings and window linen to give a prospective customer what they expect to see when they look at a home: a valuable appearance. When prospects tour a staged online home, the odds that they will grow interested are increased. If they see the potential of a property for sale, they will book an actual tour. As a visual aid, it is an indispensable tool.

It is fast, convenient, simple to render and affordable when compared to actual staging. Actual staging is labor intensive, expensive, and requires a professional photographer to get the lighting right. Reducing the price of a property should only be a last ditch tactic to sell a property. Virtual staging will accomplish the desired result — to make a property look ideal to a buyer — for less money. The possibility of a space in the mind of the prospective buyer is greatly enhanced. It represents the best way to present a property today and will continue to be in the future.

Home Staging Ideas Staging A Childs Room

Everyone on a budget today knows how hard it is to decorate a home, or even just a single room. A child’s room can be one of the most challenging rooms in the house to stage. With a few easy home staging ideas and some creativity, anyone can stage their kid’s room to present well to potential home buyers.

Step 1
Clean up the room. Before you begin any upgrades in any room, you need to clean up the mess. A child’s room is an easy target for untidiness. You can expect to find toys, clothes, juice boxes and other items if the room is not cleaned up on a regular basis. Clean up the mess, pass the vacuum and plug in a fresh room scent. Clean any windows and get rid of dirty clothes.

Step 2
Decide on a theme. Start by choosing a theme/color that will be the main focus of the entire room. When purchasing any bedding, curtains or accessories, choose colors that compliment the main theme/color of the room.

Step 3
Paint the room. When painting any room to stage, its always a good idea to use neutral colors. You can buy paint for a fraction of the cost if you are willing to purchase mis-tints. These are paints that were tinted for a customer but didn’t turn out to their liking. Surprisingly, you can get some wonderful colors this way.

Step 4
Frame It. Put themed items in a picture frame. You can actually put items in a picture frame or you can just print something off the computer and frame it as well. In this case, it would be easy to print off a soccer ball and frame it. This is an inexpensive way of tying the themed space together.

Step 5
Sew something. Adding your own talent and creativity, like sewing something for the childs room, is a great inexpensive and fun way to upgrade the room. One homemade sewing project can make a huge difference to the childs room that you are staging to sell. You can begin by sewing a few pillows, shams or curtains and valances. Fabric can be very inexpensive if you shop around for the best bargain.

Step 6
Change the lighting. The lighting in any room can really make a difference. Consider adding high wattage light bulbs.

Step 7
Add a Desk. Stage a small desk area and accessorize with a table lamp and a computer prop. This will allow potential homeowners the opportunity to visualize their kids in the space doing their homework or how they will operate in that space.

A childs room is a fun and creative space that will surely add warmth and admiration to the rest of your house. If staged right, potential home buyers will take into consideration your home if the room or rooms in your house offer them what they are looking for. Make sure you follow the home staging ideas above and expect home buyers to compliment you on a great looking child’s room.

The Methods Of Home Staging

The art of home staging is frequently within the details homeowners include in their presentation. Whether you will be applying your furnishings or rented furnishings to stage your home to assist it market, details however count because they will contribute to the total feel of your home.
In an old-fashioned home staging ideas and details will yield a greater overall appeal to prospective home customers if you include contemporary touches like changing an aged showerhead with a modern 1 or including furnishings with cleaner lines. Similarly, if you wish to avoid generating a modern homes presentation cold and office-like, including pillows on sofas or tablecloths can soften an areas appearance. If you choose to include throw rugs of any type, consider fastening those to the floor choosing a carpet tape that is going to be easily removable as soon as you want to lift the area rug.
Furniture location can be elevated to an art shape which we all know when we see someone whose furniture arrangement in a space makes us wish wed thought of angling a sofa or including a reading neighborhood. If you are staging your home yourself, look through online resources to find different ways of arranging rooms. Furniture location should furthermore assist highlight features of an specific room these as a fireplace or over-sized window instead of hide it. Possible homeowners ought to be confident to see the more appealing attributes of a room.
Bedrooms can be complex to stage because they are individual and you dont understand whether a room will be for a child or adult or perhaps a unmarried or perhaps a married individual. When you are staging your home, try to consider a bedroom that is not the master bedroom may be utilized by another adult. Staging the space with children s colors or babyish furnishings will detract from a possible home customers capacity to assume their family in the home. Personal touches like lamps that light a dim corner associated with the space or upholstered desk chairs that make the room pleasing as a workspace can enhance the image associated with the bedroom and indicate its size.
While the art of home staging consistently advises homeowners to set away as many private photographs and items as they can, a few well-placed items for example favorite vases or artwork can help people watching your home to gain some awareness into your life as a real person living in the home. This advice might go against the advice of those who advise that home staging that really makes your home develop completely neutral, but in fact, people purchasing a home frequently want to understand something about the current homeowner with whom they can be doing company.

Home Staging Helps Receiving The Highest Price For The Home.

There are plenty of people, that happen to be unfortunate, while selling their houses. This occurs, as the major part of these people, dont want to invest some cash and time to stage their homes. This is why here we want to raise the issue of home staging and also its particular importance for the quickest and beneficial home sale.
Despite the idea that each person has his or her own necessities and also tastes, the majority of us still possesses a virtually identical idea of comfort and luxury. This is why, home staging tips, it might be not so difficult to follow some general factors, employed to create a unique atmosphere within the exterior and interior of a house, that may be appreciated by many.
So, first of all it will be crucial to make your property looking nice and trim. The existence of garbage or clutter will certainly spoil the impression made by your house, once you will show it to your potential buyers. Secondly, the rooms in the house have to be well-lit, to permit your potential buyers to see the furnishing of your home. And thirdly, the furnishing of the house and its style must provide the atmosphere of harmony and luxury, where your prospective buyers will be able to relax and enjoy their time, while being at home.

You can attempt to make this sort of eye-catching atmosphere, employing your personal perception of style and comfort along with some general principles we have mentioned above above. Even so, if you wish to get the best results, while making your home looking very pricey and also receiving the highest price for its sale, it could be of great importance to take into consideration the advices of an specialist to be able to stage a house to sell.
At present the real estate home staging appears to be quite intricate issue that will need a unique approach and consideration of the amount of significant points, which could be missed by non-professionals. In order to start staging a house we offer you to obtain decorating ideas given by Lise Desormeaux, who is called a successful Home Staging and Decorating Educator. Her home staging tips present a perfect guide as for realtors as for homeowners, that are capable to transform their homes into the million dollar homes, that could be instantly sold. These hints will be also useful for those, who are planning to enhance their abodes into the clutter-free and beautiful homes by not using a decorator.
Follow the tips of Lisa Desormeaux, found on, and you’ll be capable to save big money, discovering the powerful strategies for home staging.